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- General


Q: What if I need to replace the products that are still on the warranty period but no longer in production?

A: In this case, EMIE would replace it with an equivalent product with about the same performance or even an upgraded product.


Q: How do I know that what I purchased is the genuine products from EMIE?

A: Please make sure you purchased the product from the official store or the EMIE authorized channels/distributors. You can scan the QR code on the packaging or the guidebook to check the identification.


Q: Are the products in the wood series made of real wood?

A: We would love to make it out of real wood too! However, wood is very easily affected by the environment, such as temperature and humidity, etc. So we choose the plastic with wood texture printed instead of real wood, to ensure a good performance in both functionality and visual.


- Power Bank


Q: What’s in the box?

A: The following item will be included in the box for the power bank category: the purchased power bank, a guidebook, a Micro USB charging cable. The charging cable is for the power bank, but it is compatible with most of the Android phones on the market.


Q: How do I charge the EMIE power bank?

A: Connect the power bank to the power source with the charging cable attached in the box, with Micro USB plugged into the power bank charging port and USB plugged into the power source charger. Please make sure the status of the power source is POWER ON. The battery indicator would be flashing when the power bank is being charged.


Q: Would the EMIE power banks cause any harm to my devices?

A: No, it won’t. EMIE only uses the battery cells from well-known and experienced suppliers to make sure the quality and security is guaranteed. EMIE also integrated the smart circuit protection solution into our power banks and passed all the needed certifications, including CE, FC, RoHS and more. With the multi-protection we prepared for the product, your devices should be free from any potential harm caused by the EMIE power banks.


- USB Charger


Q: What’s the current intensity of the EMIE USB Charger?

A: For Bento, the current intensity is 4A MAX for quad outputs and 2.4A MAX for single output.


- Light


Q: What’s the material of the Elfy? Is it safe?

A: The “skin” of the Elfy is made of silicone, and the base of the Elfy is made of ABS+PC plastic. All the materials used in the Elfy meet the RoHS standard of the Euro Union.


Q: What’s the battery capacity and battery life of the Elfy? How long does it take to complete a full recharge for the Elfy?

A: The battery capacity of the Elfy is 300mAh. Since the LED consumes very little power, the Elfy is able to work 5-6 hours without charging. For a full recharge, it takes less than 1 hour.


Q: What’s the Bluetooth version of the Elfy? What mobile operating systems does the App of the Elfy support?

A: The Elfy comes with Bluetooth 4.0. The App of the Elfy supports iOS 7 or above and Android 4.3 or above.  


Q: Where can I download the EMIE Elfy App?
A: To install the Elfy App, please search “emie elfy” on the App Store (iOS users) or search “emie elfy” on the Google Play (Android users). You can also find and scan the QR code on the guidebook for installation.


Q: What’s in the box of the Elfy?

A: The following items are included in the box of the Elfy: An Elfy Smart Lamp, a Micro USB charging cable, an eggshell money box, a guidebook. The guidebook is embedded with a checker game: <Find the Elfy>, make sure you have fun with it!

Q: How do I use the Eggshell Money Box of the Elfy?

A: Before you bring the Elfy to the world, the Eggshell is where the Elfy is incubated. After you receive the product, remove the black sticker and rotate clockwise to open it and rotate anti-clock wise to close it. The black sticker is reusable, you can still stick it back to the Eggshell after you take the Elfy out of it, so remember to keep the black sticker. The Eggshell is designed to be more than a packaging of the Elfy, it is a money box as well. To collect coins, simply put your coins through the coin hole on the top of the Eggshell. Remember to make full use of it!



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