The Elfy is an adorable connected lamp. It stays by your side, brings brightness, warmth and companion to you. There are multiple ways to interact with the Elfy, and you can change the color of its light as you please. Touch it, feel it, and have fun with it! Say hello to the Elfy!

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- Your adorable elf playmates.

- Harm-free silicone skin with soft and smooth touch.

- Perfect size to hold in your palm.

- 7 colors of lights. Tap to switch colors.

- Brightness adjustment supported for white light.

- Auto-on-off for sleeping status. *

- 5 hours of battery life with medium brightness.

- Exclusive eggshell package, can be used as a money box.



- Dimensions: 5.08 × 4.92 × 4.84in / 129 × 125 × 123mm

- Weight: 0.405lb / 184g

- Power: 0.6W

- Input: Micro USB, DC 5V == 500mA

- Battery: 300mAh Li-polymer Rechargeable Battery

- Connetivity: Bluetooth 4.0


- ELFY smart lamp × 1

- ELFY eggshell money box × 1

- Micro USB cable × 1

- Instruction book × 1



Always by Your Side

The Elfy is your personal companion. It’s always there when you need it. You can hold it in your palm, play with it, or simply look at it. It just feels good to have Elfy around.

Make Your Space a Special One

Whether you’re having some romantic time with your lover, or you’re having personal time alone, the Elfy can help set a cozy and sweet atmosphere for you to enjoy the moment.

Help to Get Rid of Your Bad Mood

Feeling down once in a while? It happens. With the Elfy, you can tap it or poke it when you are in a bad mood. It helps you to let go of everything, regain your strength and start living your life.