Devil Light

The Devil Light is a distinctive and functional USB lamp. It works with your power banks and laptops or any power source device with a USB port. It is lightweight, portable and power-saving. All these features of the Devil Light makes it the perfect light companion of your daily life.

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- Distinctive devil shape design.

- Lighting powered by the USB port.

- Warm bright light.

- Power saver with only 1.25W hourly power consuming.

- Good heat dissipation performance.

- Two color options: white and blue.


- Input: 5V

- Power: 1.25Wh

- Dimensions: 148 × 32 × 13.5mm / 5.8 × 1.2 × 0.53in

- Weight: 16g / 0.035lb


- Devil Light USB Lamp × 1

devil light

A Distinctive and Functional USB Lamp

The lovely devil shape appearance of the Devil Light highlights itself on the USB lamp market. It is so flexible that it is able to bend up to over 180° to bring you a multi-dimensional lighting, and it is empowered by a USB port which is available almost everywhere.

Warmly Bright Lighting

The Devil Light generates a warm white light, which ensures both brightness and eyesight-protection.

Power Saver

The Devil Light produces a warm light, yet still a power saver. It consumes only 1.25W power per hour, which means a 5,200mAh external battery is able to provide enough power for the Devil Light needs to run for 15 hours non-stop.