Also available in a Wi-Fi version which has all Cybertron functions but uses your home or office Wi-Fi network and includes Amazon’s powerful Alexa Voice Services.

An amazing voice controlled assistant for instant access to news, sports, services, weather, books, music, and virtually any information on the internet.


The concept and design of the Cybertron was inspired by the home planet of the Transformers and is a tribute to sci-fi enthusiasts. The wild Cybertron style doesn’t just look cool, it is an integral function of the acoustic design that directs and enhances the audio experience.


Say goodbye to the button! Cybertron comes with a built-in Smart-Touch panel with an array of 8 touch-sensitive sensors. You control the music, volume and calls with a simple touch or swipe of your finger.


A glowing band of 20 LEDs create ambiance and indicate operational status, power level, and volume. You see at a glance the status of Cybertron with intuitive lighting feedback effects.


Cybertron is a complete 2.1 multi-channel audio system tuned by a team of audio system experts. It contains dual 5W full range drivers for velvety mids and lush highs along with a separate 15W subwoofer to deliver deep bass that you can hear and feel.