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Devil Volt


As one of the most popular products of emie, Devil Volt penetrates the market with its one-of-a-kind Devil appearance, pocket-size dimensions, and abundant choices of doodle patterns, making it the best fitted power bank for you to take out with you.



The Memo portable charger is distinguished by its fresh patterns formed with different geometric figures and colors, making it fun and colorful. With the embedded 10,000mAh Li-Polymer battery and plug-and-play charging feature, the Memo is the best gadget for you to travel with.

Power Blade


As the winner of Red Dot Design Award 2013, the Power Blade stands out by its distinguished slim design and powerful features, offering an 8,000mAh high capacity battery and dual 2.1A fast charging ports with a thickness of only 5.2mm.

Power Note (Android)


The Power Note is slim and portable with a thickness of 7mm and could be held in a regular pocket. It comes with a built-in cable and an extra general USB port. If you’ve been bothered by the cables you have to take out with you, the Power Note is definitely your best choice.

Power Station 20000


Always forget to recharge your power bank? Having too many devices but not enough power? Love hiking and outdoor activities yet concern about being out of battery? The Power Station 20000 power bank is for you.