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EMIE Won the Golden Pin Design Awards of 2015

Lucas Yao | FUN Dec 09, 2015

The Golden Pin Design Award is one of the most well-known design award in the product designing industry. They collect tens of thousands of works every year, and select some of the most innovative products to name them winners of the year. Three of the EMIE’s new products just won the Golden Pin Design Award of 2015: the Elfy smart lamp, the Bento USB charger and the Jack power bank.

Let’s take a look at the winners.

The Elfy Smart Lamp

The Elfy is a connected ambience lamp which possesses a favorable elf look and portable size to hold in your palm. It has a warmly bright light and 7 optional colors. Simply tap on the surface to change the colors. The skin of the Elfy is made by food grade silicone materials which is bouncy and feel like the skin.


The Elfy smart lamp can be connected with the Elfy App, which allows you to set the colors and switch on/off.

The Elfy is now available on the emie.com official store. 





The Bento USB Charger



The Bento is a minimal north-euro style USB charger. It comes with 4 USB ports to charge all your mobile devices simultaneously. It organizes the cables on the desk and restore order for desktop. Other than its charging features, the Bento makes a nice gadget which goes perfect with modern house furniture.








The Bento will be available on the emie.com official store soon.

The Jack Power Bank

The Jack is a characterized external battery which creatively combined the external battery and its power charger in a playful way. It is integrated with one USB for charging and one USB port for discharging. With it’s modularized structure, you can easy make your Jack a gentleman, a chief, or a guardian by changing the components.

The Jack will be available next year. See you soon.


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